Best CSS Web GalleryDesign Nominees

Best CSS Web GalleryDesign Nominees

We fuel the innovation engine, convening thought leaders to help design and implement models, processes and technologies
to grow and develop. StartUp Fabrikk only goal is to create value, by facilitating great partnerships that lead to innovative
solutions for difficult problems and effective startups development.

StartUp Fabrikk

StartUp Fabrikk has long-term experience in creating dedicated application software. We provide full life
cycle application development and tailored system sustainment to as well commercial as non-profit
Being a global, full-service strategy, UX and engineering agency StartUp Fabrikk serves clients ranging from
startups to labs to enterprises to international corpos to non-profit organizations. We build products using
an agile process that allows for adaptation
and evolution in the development stage and beyond.

We stand behind Our Work
and Your Business

a team of talented professionals with programming, design,
computer science, mathematics and marketing backgrounds

years of experience in artificial intelligence, custom software
development, graphic design and digital marketing

trusted by over one hundred startups, enterprises,
international Corporation and non-profit organizations

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licensing support

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advisory work

We do IP

We do IP

We do IP

We do IP
due dilligence

Research and development (R&D) is vital to ensure you maintain your competitive advantage, and it’s important not only
to explore new products and processes, but also to continually improve existing products. Laboratories requires a variety
of equipment and instrumentation to run tests and research.
These staple, workhouse general lab equipment can be found across various laboratories across disciplines and markets.
Whether your laboratory research comprises working with proteins, cell culture, air, water, soil, or blood, key lab
equipment will supports various testing needs.

StartUp Fabrikk delivers general lab
equipment in

Research labs
Research and development
Diagnostic testing in medical labs
Quality assurance
Educational labs