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Research and development (R&D) is vital to ensure you maintain your competitive advantage, and it’s
important not only to explore new products and processes, but also to continually improve existing
products. Laboratories requires a vareity of equipment and instrumentation to run tests and research.
Whether your laboratory research comprises working with proteins, cell culture, air, water, soil, or blood,
key lab equipment will supports various testing needs.

StartUp Fabrikk delivers
general lab equipment in:

Research labs

Diagnostic testing
in medical labs

Research and




…and more!

Flexible lab interiors

In StartUP Fabrikk we understand the importance of R&D to your success. Our engineers work with the world’s best suppliers of R&D equipment to source the most suitable machinery for your needs. We take the time to understand your requirements and to ensure we provide solutions that not only fit seamlessly within your existing R&D operation but enable you to achieve superior results. We can help you to navigate through the complex options available to bring you the best development equipment for your R&D environment. Hence StartUp Fabrikk will help you choose R&D equipment facilitating your expectations.

Measuring devices

Screening, grinding, homogenization

Pumping, vacuum

Laboratory glassware, dishes

Spinning, mixing, shaking


Reagents, tests, indicators

Water washing, ultrasonic


Heating, cooling

Water purification

Titration, dosing

Hoses, clamps, connectors


Protective equipment

Workspace protection

Laboratory furniture

Office furniture

Piping system

StartUp Fabrikk helps you to strive for in designing laboratory piping
systems and meet key design goals:

Provide a flexible
design that allows for
easy renovation and

Provide appropriate
plumbing systems for
each laboratory based on
the lab programming

Provide systems that
minimize energy usage

Provide equipment
arrangements that
minimize downtime in
the event of a failure

Locate shutoff valves
where they are
accessible and easily

Accomplish all of the
preceding goals within
the construction

Lab and personnel safety and security

Protecting human health and life is paramount, and safety must always be the first concern in laboratory
building design. Security-protecting a facility from unauthorized access-is also of critical importance. Today,
research facility designers must work within the dense regulatory environment in order to create safe and
productive lab spaces. StartUp Fabrikk addresses all these related concerns, including:

Laboratory classiffications: dependent on the amount and type of chemicals in the lab

Containment devices: fume hoods and bio-safety cabinets

Levels of bio-safety containment as a design principle

Radiation safety

Employee safety: showers, eyewashes, other protective measures

Emergency power

Sustainability considerations

overall environmental impacts

occupant safety

whole building efficiency on a life-cycle basis