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We fuel the innovation engine, convening thought leaders to help design and implement models, processes
and technologies to grow and develop. StartUp Fabrikk only goal is to create value, by facilitating great
partnerships that lead to innovative solutions for difficult problems and effective startups development.

StartUp Fabrikk

Delivers breakthrough technologies
for global markets and create an
ecosystem for investment,
entrepreneurship and innovation.

Supports national and pan-European
investors researcher and developers
and other organizations to work
together with industry and investors to
create a new, economically powerful

Contributes to getting more value from
science base and high-end labs by
multiplying the economic returns.

Engages many more citizens in
investments, science and technology
– as entrepreneurs, customers, or
students, and strengthen startups

Animates effective international
partnerships. Expertise, contacts and
events to connect you with the right
international partners to grow your

Advices for international growth and
internationalization. Experts advice for
growth and expansion into
international markets, best market
practices and optimal business

Scope of interest

Advanced manufacturing

Advanced technologies for manufacturing
Digital manufacturing
Intelligent robots
Micro and nano manufacturing

Medical devices & imaging

Combination devices
Digital pathology
Hybrid imaging technologies
Medical robotics
Optical imaging technologies
Smart pills

Sensors & automation

CBRN detection technologies
Energy harvesting
Smart sensors
Wireless sensor networks

Materials & coatings

Algae-based ingredients
Advanced filtration
Breathable antibacteria coatings
Compostable packaging
Enzyme technology
Lightweight composites
Smart textiles
Superhydrophobic coatings

Information & communication

Cloud computing
Fabric computing
Long-term evolution
Semantic web

Lifesciences & biotechology

Adult stem cells
Genome sequencing
Nanofluidics & BioNEMS
3D cell culture systems

Clean & green technology

Advanced energy storage
Green buildings
Green vehicles
Renewable chemicals
Smart grid
2nd generation biofuels


Emerging data storage technologies
Flexible electronics
Haptics & touch technologies
Next generation displays
Wireless power transmission
3D integration


Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Medical Devices

Life sciences & Food



Mechanical Engineering


and more…

we represent organisations all over the world that
are active and successful in the chemical industry.
We have experts specialising in polymer chemistry
and petro-chemistry.

How it works?

Should you have an idea for a scalable product or service – join StartUp Fabrikk International Rockstars Festival Program. To move to the next stage you need to select the idea to work with and find team members. Contact these innovation centres and hubs to grow your network and get to know the local startup community.
You have a clear target for next 1-3 years with milestones how to get there and core team of partners. Being at this stage you need to find sources to fund your early prototype and test it on the clients. Find partners for your prototype through these mentoring and supporting networks.
You have developed a MVP (minimum viable product) and signed shareholder agreement between founders / project originators. You are ready for investments and accelerating your business. Enter StartUp Fabrikk business accelerator and let us help to attract investors through these partners.
You can already demonstrate user growth and revenue. Let StartUp Fabrikk move into scaling look for clear market validation and help you to search for industrial business partners.
Your product or service demonstrates a clear and measurable user growth and you have already succeeded in attracting significant funding. To move into establishing phase you need to go global. StartUp Fabrikk international apearance will help you to internationalize business faster and reach your goals quicker.
You business is already on sustainable growth path and you no longer need to struggle to get resources. Now you can decide whether to continue business as usual, place your business on Stock Exchange or exit. StartUp Fabrikk ecosystem will help in any decision of your choice.

Submit a proposal

Do you have a revolutionary idea about co-developing breakthrough scientific detection and imaging
technologies for the market? Submit your idea and get funding to make it real.
Are you interested in submitting an StartUp Fabrikk proposal but need a partner to make it real?
Find the financial and/or industrial partner you are looking for to co-develop your breakthrough scientific
idea with our free SpeedUp Fabrikk networking service. Fill out your needs and the system will
automatically start sending you potential matches by email as soon as these become available.
Make sure you have read the call documentation and have all the required steps ready prior to submitting
your proposal.